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  • This is my covenant, which you shall observe, between me and you, and your offspring after you: All the males among you shall be circumcised. (Genesis 17, 10)

  • For after the time had arrived for the ewes to conceive, I lifted up my eyes, and I saw in my sleep that the males climbing on the females were of variegated, and spotted, and diverse colors. (Genesis 31, 10)

  • And he said: ‘Lift up your eyes, and see that all the males climbing on the females are variegated, spotted, and also speckled. For I have seen all that Laban has done to you. (Genesis 31, 12)

  • There is one thing that prevents so great a good: whether we will circumcise our males, imitating the ritual of their nation. (Genesis 34, 22)

  • And they all agreed to circumcise every one of the males. (Genesis 34, 24)

  • And behold, on the third day, when the pain of the wound was greatest, two of the sons of Jacob, Simeon and Levi, the brothers of Dinah, boldly entered the city with swords. And they put to death all of the males. (Genesis 34, 25)

  • But the midwives feared God, and so they did not act according to the precept of the king of Egypt, but they kept the males safe. (Exodus 1, 17)

  • And if any sojourner will be willing to cross over into your settlement, and to keep the Passover of the Lord, all his males shall first be circumcised, and then he shall celebrate the rite. And he shall be just like a native of the land. But if any man is not circumcised, he shall not eat from it. (Exodus 12, 48)

  • Three times a year, all your males shall appear before the Lord your God. (Exodus 23, 17)

  • Three times a year, all your males shall appear in the sight of the Almighty, the Lord God of Israel. (Exodus 34, 23)

  • Only the males of the stock of Aaron shall eat it. This shall be an everlasting ordinance in your generations concerning the sacrifices of the Lord. All who will touch these shall be sanctified. (Leviticus 6, 18)

  • And the males by their names, from one month and above, were twenty-two thousand two hundred seventy-three. (Numbers 3, 43)

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